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          All puppies from the Mystery Litter has their own families now!       

          Kennel Dancing Boot's and their parents Zoya and Zappa wishes the puppies

           and their new families all the best in life and much joy together!!!

                                              The Mystery Litter!!!


          The puppies are getting used to not being in the puppy crib!

                      Hey, what's hidden under the rug!!!

                        Grandma Anna-Lisa with Mysan on her lap!


Brother, you go that way and I go here.. Let's make mummy a bit dizzy so she will let us go on our own instead. Nice to walk without strings......

                               We now live with the rest of the pack!!

                                         Visiting at Marie's and Ulf's place!!!

                             Mysan (Maria Lang) with Lotta.

                               Eddie (Ed McBain) saying hallo to Emmy.

                           Yummie! Can I eat this?????

                           Safe haven at Mummy's.

The puppies begin to move to their new families! Zoya and Zappa wishes the families and puppies lots of happiness and A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!! Lots of kisses from all of us!!!!

                            Dancing Boot's Maria Lang "Leia" 

    Leia is moving to Soedertaelje and her brother Walle to her new family  Lars and  Karin Wernersson

                            Dancing Boot's Ed McBain "Eddie"

                             with his new dad and mum Haakansson Engelholm

                            Dancing Boot's Dorothy Sayers "Leja"

                         with her new family Ronnie, Jeanette, Love and Felix  Petersson, Vaernamo

                             Dancing Boot's Walter Mosley "Walle"

        Walle moving to Soedertaelje with his new family  Lars and  Karin Wernersson

                                       Dancing Boot's Arthur Connan Doyle

                    "Arthur" has moved to his new owner mr Torbjorn Nelger in Borensberg


         "Nellie" Dancing Boots Minette Walters, with Jessica and Amanda, Rydaholm


                           Amanda with her "Nellie" Dancing Boots Minette Walters


         Dancing Boot's Donna Leone #Donna" with her new family Karin, Micke & Felix

                                                   Kennel Naturelle

                                  Dancing Boot's Ruth Rendell and RoseMarie


                               Our new toys!!!

                               My box with toys!!!!!!!!!

                                      Micke with his Donna (Leone)

                            Amanda greeting the puppies in the morning!

                            Walter M on top and Arthur C D napping!!


          This is the Dancing Boot's Mystery Litter


                  Dancing Boot's Maria Lang

                  Dancing Boot's Ruth Rendell(sold)

                 Dancing Boot's Dorothy Sayers (sold)

                 Dancing Boot's Minette Walters(sold)

                 Dancing Boot's Donna Leone(sold9

                 Dancing Boot's Agatha Christie(sold)


                Dancing Boot's Arthur Connan Doyle(sold)

               Dancing Boot's Ed McBain

               Dancing Boot's Walter Mosley


                        Some more photos of the puppies!!


                                     Mummy come play with us, please .....


  Dancing Boot's Ed McBain and Dancing Boot's Maria Lang napping after playing.


        Dancing Boot's Minette Walters guarding her BIG cheewing bone!!


        Dancing Boot's Ruth  Rendell sound asleep after playing with her sibblings!


                         Dancing Boot's Walter Mosely sound asleep too!!


                            Dancing Boot's Donna Leone still wants to play.......

                          New photos of the puppies!!

                           The foodbar is open!!!

                           I do the dishes!!

                      After dinner nap!!

                            Dancing Boot's Donna Leone napping!

                                   Love with Dancing Boot's Agatha Christie!!

                        Now we live in the kitchen at Dancing Boot's!

If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, please contact:

                                     Breeder :Birgitta Broström  

                                 Värnamovägen 32, 360 30 Lammhult

                                  Tel:0472-260305, 073-814 20 99 



 Here are some photos of the puppies now 4 weeks old, they were born 3-4th of October 2009

                     Aunt Chilli and the puppies


                       Puppies playing with Amanda, Felix and  Love          


         Felix and a tired puppy                                 Love and a tired puppy

                                  Earlier litter:

                               See Black Puppies 2008    

                           See Silver Puppies 2008

                               Pictures of litter 2008.

                              It is our basket so get lost!

                              What do you mean we should take a nap too....

                              I am not tired at all.

                                 Sol and Dancing Boot's Chiquitita

                                 Matilda holding Wilma (Take A Chance On Me)


Vet Kristina Bjorkman, Vaaxtorp's Vet clinic, examining and inocculating Pretty Ballerina

Eating makes you tired

Sol taking a rest from her puppies.

Puppies on the balcony and big sis Lizzy is watching over them.

Dancing Boot's Mean Mr Mustard (Musse) getting chiped! Auch!!

Chips are supposed to be a tasty snack not to hurt!

Dancing Boot's Dear Prudence getting chipped! Auch!!

Dancing Boots Take a chance on me "Wilma" sunbathing

We are shaven and clean! Food!!

What do you mean, I am in the wrong place!!

Dancing Boots (Nina) Pretty Ballerina visiting on her own the other litter.

I know how to get out from our room on my own!

Dancing Boots (Nina) Pretty Ballerina on the run from her litter.


Get down!!

Zoya's milkbar is open says Sol's Dancing Boot's Rock Me.

OK one milkbar is open for everyone!!

Hey the milkbar is leaving!!!

So you think that they are your toys!                            Just you dare me......

You see, they are my toys!!

All 19 together makes us stronger!                           Picnics makes you tired!

  Who let the pupps out, who, who!!!                 A nap in fresh air is great!!!

               Puppies expected in May 2008!

                             The Silver Puppies are here April 28th 2008


           Dam: Dancing Boots Sol av Isfolket                           Sire: Alois Unno Jezve

                              The Black Puppies are here May 1st 2008


              Dam: Digimon's Dream To Dancing Boot's ZOYA    Sire: Ankaru's Superstitous Ludde”

               If you are interested in a black or silver puppy, please contac me at:

                                                                            Birgitta Broström

                                                             Drared, 313 92 Oskarström

Tel:035-621 25, 073-814 20 99


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